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micro-bits – Future uses ? – N°1- voting ?


Okay – here’s a thing.  By using pre-scripted tiny micro-bits of the Blockchain it will be possible to allow people to express their democratic preferences, on any issue, seamlessly, and in real-time at virtually no cost ( compare that to the current cost of collecting a ‘public vote’  )

This opens up far more possibilities than just a simple “Vote for Joe” election to public office.

Imagine you are already an elected official, and you want to get an up-to-date “feel” for what your electorate are thinking about an issue that you are in the process of debating in the legislative chamber. Whilst being there in the chamber you will be able to instigate a ‘micro-bit vote’  allowing millions of your electorate to send the ‘token bit’ via a Blockchain App to a either a “Yes” wallet address or a “No” wallet.  Giving real-time information on the Public Mood.

This concept could equally apply to a Blue Chip Companies CEO asking for share-holder endorsement of new corporate policy , or an activist organisation asking for next ‘target’ ( as it doesnt have to be a “Yes or “No” proposition … pre-scripted bits could give infinite options, and allow  messages  for instance being attached to the #hashchain suggesting whatever issues the sending wants to add  )

there are many, many other fields where this concept would add Real Democracy  to decision making

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