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Bitcoin’s Civil War .. whatever will they dream up next ! !


On the 29th January 2014  Robert  Wile wrote an article entitled – The Emerging Bitcoin Civil War – in Business Insider – link here 

Civil War ? – Very Dramatic Headline – but rather premature.

The Bitcoin Community always has been able to bring together such diverse elements as the original code-writing “geeks”, the radical libertarians , anti-statists, social visionaries, free-enterprise capitalists and proto-anachists alike.
What holds them together isnt politics, but their common understanding that the blockchain protocol and the coming scripting layers that will sit “piggy back” on top of it, are fundamentally going to change the way the World communicates forever.

It is the decentralised, verifiable honesty, of the blockchain that is it real application – not just its use as ‘currency’ ( that will crash to zero ? ? – come on !)  by the way , Mark Williams ( who spoke so disparagingly about Bitcoin ) has actually been predicting the “bubble’ will burst for the last six months. I have even issued a “challenge” on-line to Mr Williams when he predicted .. and I quote … ” Bitcoin will trade for under $10 a share by the first half of 2014, single digit pricing reflecting its option value as a pure commodity play.” So … I have “wagered” Mr Williams my annual salary this year against his, that by April 31st , Bitcoin will be trading at closer to £1,000 than $10 . (So far he has refused to ‘put his wallet where his mouth is’ !)

There are certainly ‘differences of approach’ among Bitcoin advocates. While some of the “Bitcoiners” at the NY meeting are clearly seeking to “couple” bitcoins development to some sort of Federal, Central Bank control, it is also those same “voices” that will gain to make millions from its future development.

If anybody wishes to really understand the clear ‘purity’ of the The Blockchain Protocol, and what it offers to mankind , they should look up the works of Andreas Antonopoulos ( ‏@aantonop on twitter ) and check out his YouTube videos.

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