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Price Waterhouse Cooper have commissioned a Secret Report on Bitcoin


On 27th January 2014, Price Waterhouse Cooper, one of the Top Three Global Accountancy firms commissioned an in-house report into how its high-roller clients in the gambling, entertainment and music industries might build branding and competitive impact by adopting Bitcoin

that’s big news for Bitcoin.


PWC -Report-front_cover


But , the Bigger News …..

is that the report was accidentally placed on the publicly accessible  side of their website , and then rapidly removed by Price Waterhouse Coopers management without any explanation.


In chasing up this story I have sent numerous emails to both PwC’s Head Office and its Publicity Agency without any response.  So you may draw your own conclusion as to why they will not verify or deny the story?


But the report certainly does exist  ( I have a pdf copy ) and it’s my belief that someone high up in PwC’s senior  management panicked when they discovered the dynamite nature of the news coming out that PwC was advising the use and verification of Bitcoin as a main-stream business practice.


I’m sure also that they were  afraid of a big slap on the wrist from their Bankers, and therefore suppressed the report as soon as they realized that it might have got into the public realm.

If you want a copy of the pdf,  there is a copy on-line here


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