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Professor Mark Williams has gone rather quiet on bitcoin .. I wonder why ?

Following my last blog post on Professor Mark Williams ( the well-known FED apologist and ‘bitcoin basher’ )

see here

I had a subsequent series of email correspondences with Mr Williams. At this time I wont be revealing the contents of our exchanges, but it was very enlightening on a number of grounds.  In brief, I asked Mr Williams a number of points for him to clarify, and lets just say his answers were “guarded and cloaked in legalese” . When asked for specific responses to straight questions, he just re-quoted his earlier carefully worded answers, and refused to elaborate further … hmmmm

As we all know, Professor Williams has staked his reputation on his prediction that bitcoin will trade for $10 or less by 30th June 2014. …  Well that’s now only 40 days away !  .. and when I looked just now the bitcoin price was trading at $498

Just so Mr Williams can keep track of the days as they approach his prediction deadline, The Rat has set up a Countdown Clock on this site below

Mark Williams Prediction Countdown Clock

Now, Mark Williams is clearly not unintelligent,  head-strong maybe, arrogant maybe, and beholden to JPMorgan maybe ? .. but he has obviously recognised that staking his reputation on being able to ‘talk down’ bitcoin , was clearly a big mistake !

As I pointed out in my last posting on Williams own bloging habits, up until December 2013 he was bloging at around 5 articles a month  – and didnt write on bitcoin until the 5th December.  But from then on, until march this year he was posting around 25 articles a month on his Boston University Blog  , all critical of bitcoin.

However, since the 10th April .. thats nearly six weeks .. he has only writen four posts  .. and only one on bitcoin !


could this be the time for FORTY DAYS in the wilderness for Professor Williams  ?

you might also notice that Mark Williams has disabled comments on his blog – unlike The Rat

Free Speech ? ..  apparently not in ‘bitcoin bashers land’






2 responses to “Professor Mark Williams has gone rather quiet on bitcoin .. I wonder why ?

  1. George 05/26/2014 at 02:27

    @bitcoinrat, I’m glad you’re keeping on this guy as I don’t see anyone else out there holding his nose to it. I think his comments are going to go down in history with the likes of this one:

    “There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.”
    Ken Olsen, founder of Digital Equipment Corporation, 1977

    I had one in my home 4 years later btw :).

    It would be great if the real story comes out, but we can’t really expect that much from our main stream media outlets or politicians. In the meantime the dog and pony show should be entertaining.

    Thanks for filling part of the giant void the mainstream media leaves.

    On a separate note, isn’t there just something so poetic about the whole crypto-currency movement? It’s like the true “Revenge of the Nerds” :).

  2. bitcoinrat 05/31/2014 at 12:52

    Thanks George – The Rat is just doing his bit !

    Interestingly, I’m not actually a “nerd” myself ( Arts and Design Post-Grad ) but maybe this is the Era of “The Nerds Revenge” I’m also not one of the young turks or new wave of young geeks, being an ex-hippie from the sixties who sadly saw that true social freedom idealism diluted by hidden-chauvinism and the dream finally trodden down by Reaganism in the States and Thatcherism in the UK.

    But with bitcoin, finally the power of the State, Big Corporations and Banksters is within touching distance of emasculation … “power to the people” is within our grasp.

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