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For What it’s Worth … an open letter to Mark Carney, Christine Lagarde & Bill Clinton

Mark Carney, speaking at the “Inclusive Capitalism” conference in London said

“The combination of unbridled faith in financial markets prior to the crisis and the recent demonstrations of corruption in some of these markets has eroded social capital,” he said. “When combined with the longer-term pressures of globalization and technology on the basic social contract, an unstable dynamic of declining trust in the financial system and growing exclusivity of capitalism threatens.”

Some words of reflection for Mark Carney and Christine Lagarde ,
and Bill , you can put away your Saxophone, the kids have moved on.

“Stop Children, What’s that sound, everybody knows what’s going down”  –  Buffalo Springfield, recorded on December 5, 1966. – you might know this better by its title …  ‘For What it’s Worth’

Well …..

For What it’s Worth – Be Frightened Bankers be very frightened, because,  everybody knows what’s going down now.   The Rat can “sniff the winds of change” that are coming up from the streets – its taken nearly half a decade, of spiralling debt, Fat Cat Fraud and Greed, Market Fixes and Crony Capitalism.   But finally … the financial system is broken.

For What it’s Worth – The people now have NO TRUST in Bankers … NO TRUST in Politicians … NO TRUST in Law Enforcement Agencies ..  these “sticking plaster” tinkering attempts to regain Public Trust will surely fail , as the economies of the Western World – fuelled by the drug of cheap money printed with nothing to back it –  will grind the Western World to a final halt.

For What it’s Worth – Your complacent Politicians can’t glibly condemn a generation of young people to an existence of continual stagnation and degrading unemployment,  without them fighting back .  “Stop Children, What’s that sound, everybody knows what’s going down” will once again be heard on the streets.

But this time, the kids have bitcoin!

Finally – for the first time in history –  people can interact, transfer wealth, grow businesses globally all without the need for a Sovereign Central Control.  Your financial citadels are teetering on the edge of collapse, Bail-outs wont work this time, Bail-ins will only further alienate the mass population.

For What it’s Worth Bankers & Politicians – I’m sorry, but your actions are already too late.




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