The Bitcoin Rat

. Only #Bitcoin and Cheese can save Mankind


The Bitcoin Rat is grateful to the many, many “Bitcoin Heroes” who have helped him gain insight and understanding on why we are at the Dawn of quite probably the greatest techno-shift that the World has ever seen.  If you are already a “Bitcoin-Bielieber” you will know exactly what the Rat is talking about.  If you are a newbie , take a look at my “Heroes and Villains” page that will be updated daily to give you a Who’s-Who in the world of Bitcoin and some insight into the workings and development of The Blockchain

Some of my Bitcoin Heroes you should be following on twitter


What can we do to help inspire other to join the unstoppable march towards Mainstream Adoption of Bitcoin?

Use your talents, your skills, each in his own way.  The Bitcoin Rat is an ageing Hippie ,  forged from the lyrics of the early songs of Joni Mitchel  , Lived in the Caves of Matala in Crete  in late 1969, Played guitar and got drunk in the Mermaid Cafe

My “Talents” ?  – who knows , maybe the Rat just has a nose to sniff out that Bitcoin is going to be BIG and if I can help – in my own way – to drive forward the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin through Humour, Satire and Cheese – I will rest happy when I enter that Long Dark Night.


As trust in the Traditional Banking Sector falters, as well as the solution offered by Bitcoin Adoption, we are likely to see the emergence of a sinister Shadow Banking Sector, as the Banksters try to protect their fraudulent interests .  Luckily , The is already working on a cunning plan to infiltrate Shadow Banking  – not quite there yet .. just needs a bit more practice.





2 responses to “Introduction

  1. George 06/16/2014 at 01:25

    I think you should include Stefan Molyneaux. His commentary on bitcoin is terrific. I only wished I had started listening to him earlier.

  2. bitcoinrat 06/16/2014 at 09:18

    Totally agree George. The Rat will be updating this whole site very soon.

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